Personal Manifesto

Be kind, to anyone and everyone – no matter what.
Feel, feel everything, and then do something about it.
Don’t be afraid to scream it, shout it, let it bleed, let it move, let it breathe.

Don’t. Stop. Creating. Ever.

Don’t be intimidated by the voices that say you aren’t enough.
You are enough.
And the bits and pieces that need work, move them into the hands of the Sculptor.
Let Him mold you, speak to you and through you.
Let His breath fill your lungs and speak life to dry bones.
You, my darling, are a warrior.
A gentle battle cry, one shout away from redemption.
So let it rise.
Let it echo.
Let it reverberate throughout the nations.
And when it falls, which it will,
let the power of the waves carry you through to freedom.