Personal Manifesto

Be kind, to anyone and everyone – no matter what.
Feel, feel everything, and then do something about it.
Don’t be afraid to scream it, shout it, let it bleed, let it move, let it breathe.

Don’t. Stop. Creating. Ever.

Don’t be intimidated by the voices that say you aren’t enough.
You are enough.
And the bits and pieces that need work, move them into the hands of the Sculptor.
Let Him mold you, speak to you and through you.
Let His breath fill your lungs and speak life to dry bones.
You, my darling, are a warrior.
A gentle battle cry, one shout away from redemption.
So let it rise.
Let it echo.
Let it reverberate throughout the nations.
And when it falls, which it will,
let the power of the waves carry you through to freedom.


Daily Haiku’s

Daily Haiku’s

It didn’t take much
I could see it in your eyes –
That your world stopped too.

No words were exchanged
With eyes that burn like fire
Who would need a sound?

You can save the world
With a voice as sweet as yours
Sing it over me.

Your name, soft and sweet
Breaks open the veil of truth
And waters the Earth.



In and out
The sound of exasperation echoes off the disheveled walls.
One, two.
Twice more the sound grows wider and deeper,
Clinging to the lungs that once bore hope.
Hope: a delicacy most long to taste, but never brave enough to grasp.
Give it to me; torn and tattered as it may be, give it to me.
I promise I AM big enough to hold it.
I promise I AM strong enough to carry it.
I promise I AM.
Come to me, my beloved, and I will bring you rest.


From the Lion, to the Lamb

My heart breaks for the words that you spill across the page,
Daily asking for my presence to inhabit your lips,
Do you not see?
Do you not see that I’m all around you?Do you not see that I’m in the setting of that sun you cry about so often, waiting for the bleeding of the colour to explode across the sky and splatter the name of the Lord in big bold clouds that cling to heaven like a child suckles the life from his mother?
Do you not see that I’m in the moon and the stars? Shining ever so brightly, illuminating the pain that you feel, bringing darkness to light so that I can peel off those layers of Sheetrock you have so conveniently placed as a barrier to your heart.

Do you not know that I am like a blazing bulldozer? Anything and everything that I touch breaks down, sets a flame, and sends a smoking flare into the world to alert those around you of my glory.

I am breaking down your walls

I am breaking off your chains

I am breathing life into your lungs

I am setting this world on fire!!!

Do you not see???
Can you not see???
Can you not find yourself so low that you look up and see the glory of the only One who has ever truly accepted you for who you are…
When you were broken in the pit, you; when you falling in love with the drunken words that would fall off your lips at the sight of a pretty girl, or a passing glass of weakness. I was there, violently emptying your stomach; setting you free from the empty promises that you so greedily placed upon your flesh, but you decided it was worth evacuating your body of all that you thought was worthy to replace the truth.

I am bringing you to the well.

I am emptying your pot.

Do you see those around you?

Have they fallen into your trap?

Here I sit with you at the well. When you are on your knees I am expanding like a blazing fire to consume you. Heat rises. You will rise in my name alone, to wash the feet of those around you. To break those chains of the years of abuse you wear around your neck like a proud father. The pain that you feel, the suffocating, nauseating, binding fear that you walk in…

I remember you, I remember you, I remember you.
Set down your pen, and look up.
Look at me!
Look at me!
I am setting you free! I am making you alive!
Breathe me in, and I will wash your feet.
Your walls are your salvation.
This wall that you’ve built for yourself is no better than a paper canvas; thin, flimsy, breakable..but watch what I can bring to life!

I am building you a new wall

A wall that will not be broken down

A wall that will not be moved

A wall that will never be overtaken.

You are my wall, and I will build my kingdom around you.

Trust me.

I am coming for you.